Cheryl Perkins is a professional organizer and the owner of Creating Balance at In addition to professionally organizing since 2003, Cheryl is a certified holistic nutrition consultant who began her nutritional career in 2010. When necessary, this is a helpful tool to integrate into a declutter/organizing protocol for a client who struggles as a result of their home affecting their health. “I have found that many people who are disorganized in their homes are disorganized in health, fitness and nutrition as well.” She specializes in all aspects of the home from mild clutter to packrats and hoarders. Another branch of her job is moves and relocations and she has extensive experience with the following:

• Shopping and purchasing all necessary supplies

• Decluttering and pairing down before the move

• Assisting with decision-making related to sorting, tossing, purging, filing and donating

• Setting up boxes, packing, labeling and creating an inventory list from the first box to the last box

• Strategizing functionality of the new home, unpacking boxes and putting everything in its place

Are you controlling your clutter, or is your clutter controlling you? Take the first step and call Cheryl for a complimentary consultation today!

Cheryl Perkins 310.995.2228